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Pure sine waves do not damage electrical appliances. Professional sine wave current, waveform stability, no damage to electric appliances, which is safe for users. Solid and reliable, good qualities become stronger with age. UN38.3 shockproof test, anti-collision and anti-fall. Power cell, nice quality inspection, to ensure the safety of customers using electricity while recycling, longer life, more durable. High energy power lithium battery: built-in powerful battery cell, together with strong inner core, 9 quality inspection procedures, double protection of electronics and machinery, avoiding dangers such as over-discharging and short circuit, make the battery have a longer lifespan. For this new year, we hope we can have more clients from all over the world. If we can become good partners for each other, please feel free to contact us and we will try to respond to you as soon as we can, no matter how small your question is. We can provide customized services, and if you are interested in us, send us inquiries right away, and we will provide good services and attractive prices to you as much as we can. Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you very much!


Custom Advantages


Product Description

Place of Origin Fujian, China
Power Source AC Adaptor, Car, Solar Panel
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Inverter Type Pure Sine Wave
Controller Type MPPT
Special Features Type C, Flashlight, RV Port
Certification CE/FCC/RoHS/MSDS/UN38.3
Capacity 144000mah
Warranty 1 Years
Weight 6kg
AC output AC100~120V~60Hz
DC output DC5521:13.6V8A
USB1 output 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V,3.25A
USB234 output 5V3A/9V2A/12V1.5A

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